Over 30 Years Experience Advising Private Collectors

With a commitment to connoisseurship and investment portfolio development, Victoria Burns advises both new and experienced collectors on building art collections that are based on the client’s personal vision, will enhance their home environment, while also contributing to their wealth. 

Currently based in Los Angeles, Burns has over 30 years of experience in the international art market, and an expertise in Modern and Contemporary Art. With an emphasis on education, Burns leads clients through the labyrinth of the art world, helping them develop their knowledge of art history, satisfy their intellectual curiosity and hone their eye through visits to museums, galleries, artists’ studios, private collections and international art fairs. While clients discover their passion for specific objects and artists, Burns’ long-standing relationships with top international art galleries, museum curators, auction houses and private dealers, insures her access to the best material on the market.

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VBAA also offers collection management in the following areas:



  • Custom framing

  • Installation

  • Conservation and restoration

  • Digital database coordination and cataloguing, insurance reports

  • Educational programs and wall texts

  • Lighting Consultation