Emerging and Important Mid-Career Artists

This collection includes emerging and mid-career artists, with several foci:  Los Angeles artists, artists of color, social content and many of the works are sculptural. Artists include: Nick Cave, Nari Ward, Kehinde Wiley, Hank Willis Thomas, Pae White, Glenn Kaino, Alex Israel, Alex Prager and more.

Alex Prager, Crowd #11 (Cedar and Broad Street), 2013

Daniel Arsham and Pae White, Private Collection Entry

Andrea Bowers, Arms Are for Hugging, 2017

Matthew Brandt, Private Collection Bedroom

Todd Gray, Samita, 2018

Analia Saban, Woven Collapsible Gate, Collapsed (Black), 2017

Nick Cave, Hustle Coat, 2015

Kehinde Wiley, World Stage Haiti, 2014

Outside patio with Jaume Plensa, Nest IV

Glenn Kaino and Anthony Pearson, Private Collection, Breakfast Room

Richard Mosse, Hunches in Bunches, 2011

Maynard Monrow, Untitled / Water Fountains, 2017

Hank Willis Thomas, Crossroads, 2012

Donald Moffett, Lot 052813 (buckshot twice), 2013

Jose Dávila, (Oh, Jeff... I Love You, Too...) II

Hank Willis Thomas, The Lives of Others, 2014

Matt Saunders, Needle Park #1, 2013

Emerging and Important Mid-Career Artists

This collection of important emerging to mid-career artists blends abstract and figurative work that brings a sense of optimism to the collector. Artists include: Laurent Grasso, David Hockney, Hugo McCloud, Sadie Benning, Alex Prager, Tony Tasset, Elias Sime , Alicja Kwade, Jackie Saccoccio and more.

Tony Tasset, Arrow Painting 48 and 53

Hugo McCloud, Changing Perspectives, 2016

Alex Prager, Hollywood and Vine, 2014

Sadie Benning

Sadie Benning and Loris Cecchini

Ivan Morley, A True Tale, 2016

Ramiro Gomez, This Particular Universe, 2014

David Hockney, The Potted Palm, 2014

Paco Pommet, Dictum, 2016

Beverly Fishman, Untitled (Depression), 2016

Alicja Kwade

Jesse Mockrin, Private Collection Powder Room

Elias Sime, Tightrope, Surface and Shadow 1, 2016

Laurent Grasso, Anechoic Wall

Edgar Arceneaux, Peaks Above The Headlines, (Dogs), 2017

Jiri Dokupil, Private Collection Dining Room

Alex Prager, Private Collection Installation

Karel Funk, Untitled #80, 2016

Jiri Dokoupil, Untitled, 2014

Jackie Saccoccio, Time (Diffuse), 2016

Hank Willis Thomas and Emily Shur, For Freedoms, 2018

Channing Hansen, 2-Manifold CH#104, 2017

Media Focused Collection

This collection was built with a focus on print media: art made with or about text, magazines, albums, books, advertising, street posters/murals. Artists include: Vik Muniz, Dave Muller, John Baldessari, David Shrigley, John Sparagano, Alexandre Farto (Vhils) and more.

Rob Reynolds, Opening, 2013

Dave Muller, Jennifer and Todd's Top Ten, 2015

Vik Muniz, Private Collection

Ramiro Gomez, Pensamineto, 2014

John Baldessari, The News: A Young Boy Being Fitted For A Gas Mask..., 2014

Alexandre Farto, Collapse 1 and 2, 2015

Emerging and Important Mid-Career Artists

An eclectic mix of important late-career contemporary artists and emerging talent in all media, including painting, photography, weaving and glass. Artists include: Mel Bochner, Charles Gaines, Suzanne McClelland, Hank Willis Thomas, Margo Wolowiec, Raffi Kalendarian, Rob Wynne and more.

Mel Bochner, Private Collection

Charles Gaines, Commission, 2019

Rob Wynne installation

Sam Durant, Speak the Truth Even if Your Voice Shakes, 2015

MacArthur Binion, Looking for Seasons: I, 2016

Margo Wolowiec, Thirty seven, thirty five, forty, 2016

Raffi Kalendarian, Thomas, 2016

Genevieve Gaignard, Selfie Stick (Deux), 2018

Emerging and Important Mid-Career Artists

Mid-career artists making bold exciting work have fueled these collector’s passions and activated their transitional home. Artists include: Laurent Grasso, Jacob Hashimoto, Jeppe Hein, Hugo McCloud and more.

Laurent Grasso, Anechoic Wall

Jacob Hashimoto, My Own Lost Romance, Invocations and Afterglows, 2017

Jacob Hashimoto, Private Collection Dining Room Installation

Laurent Grasso, Private Collection Living Room Installation

Jacob Hashimoto and Jeppe Hein, Private Collection Dining Room

Jeppe Hein, The Best Things in Life Aren't Things, 2017

Hugo McCloud, Untitled, 2017

Hugo McCloud, Private Collection Installation

Xu Zhen, Under Heaven

Xu Zhen, Under Heaven

Emerging and Important Mid-Career Artists

Artists include: Sam Gilliam, Sean Landers, Spencer Finch, Paul Winstanley and more.

Sean Landers, Life Is Lottery, 2017

Spencer Finch, Moroccan Light, morning effect (Tessellation Study), 2017

Spencer Finch Lightbox Installation

Tomás Saraceno

Tomás Saraceno, Installed

Paul Winstanley, Looking at Vermeer, 2016

Claudio Parmiggiani,Untitled, 2017

Sam Gilliam, Untitled, 2017

Nevine Mahmoud, Slick Slice, 2017

Helene Appel, Tape, 2016

Photography Focused Collection

A contemporary apartment at the beach hosts a collection of important photography with a focus on water, but also includes poignant images of people. Artists include: Joel Meyerowitz, Richard Misrach, Ori Gersht, Gordon Parks, Matthew Pillsbury, Mona Kuhn and more.

Joel Meyerowitz

Richard Miserach, Private Collection Living Room

Richard Miserach, Private Collection Living Room Installation

Matthew Pillsbury, Subway Therapy, Union Square New York City, 2016

Joel Meyerowitz, Private Collection Bedroom

Gordon Parks

Jeff Divine, Private Collection Installation

Ori Gersht, Floating World

Abstract Expressionist Collection

A Santa Monica condo featuring a more abstraction-based collection. Artists Include: Norman Bluhm, Edward Burtynsky, Pia Camil, Henrik Eiben, Günther Förg, Neil Goodman, Raffi Kalenderian. Eddie Martinez and more.

Eddie Martinez, Rider in White, 2014

Henrik Eiben, Tiderays 2, 2015

Günther Förg, Aller Retour, 2008

Henry Tailor and Norman Bluhm, Private Collection Living Room

Pia Camil, Bust Mask Accessory, 2016

Henry Tailor, Naomi, 2015

Neil Goodman, Private Collection Living Room

Established and Emerging Artists Collection

A Santa Monica home that features works from LA-based artists and beyond. Artists Include: Rashid Johnson, El Anatsui, Kathleen Ryan, Todd Gray, Troika, Pae White, Tomás Saraceno and more.

Genesis Belanger, Gatekeeper, 2019

Genesis Belanger, Gatekeeper, 2019

Troika, Segment of a sunrise, 2019

Paul Kremer, Hover Weight 07, 2018

El Anatsui, Black and Silver, 2018

Pae White, Mademoiselle Grisaille, 2019

Kathleen Ryan, Bad Peach, 2019

Tomás Saraceno, Cumulus Filaments, 2019

Gabriel Rico, Veinticuatro – from the series Reducción objetiva orquestada, 2018

Rashid Johnson, Untitled Anxious Crowd, 2018

Todd Gray, Pax #2, 2017

Todd Gray, Pax #2, 2017

Eugenio Merino, Stepping on the bill of rights (Amendment I), 2018

Tony Matelli, Weed #447, 2018

Pieces from collections throughout the country including Santa Monica, Chicago and more

Shirin Neshat, Soliloquy

Peter Liversidge, Photograph Taken Whilst Walking (Ursus Rictus), 2015

Matthew Brandt, Private Collection

Todd Gray, Private Collection Santa Monica

Richard Mosse

Robert Mapplethorpe, Lydia Cheng, 1987

Andy Warhol, Jackie

Allison Elizabeth Taylor, Hank

Louise Fishman, Private Collection Living Room

Ed Burtynsky, Private Collection Living Room

Edgar Degas, Private Collection Living Room

Erik Benson, Private Collection Living Room

Sebastião Salgado, Churchgate Train Station, Bombay, India

John Sonsini