Jose Dávila's Sense of Place Re-unification

Sense of Place in its final resting site. Photo credit: LAND

With the generous gift from Angeles Art Fund, the Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) commissioned Guadalajara-based artist Jose Dávila to create Sense of Place, a multi-site, large-scale, public sculpture exhibition as part of the Getty’s PST: LA/LA initiative. After eight months of travel, Sense of Place became whole on May 5 at West Hollywood Park.

The sculpture was made of 40 unique concrete conjunctional forms in September 2017 and disassembled to migrate across Los Angeles, ultimately taking on their own functionality in the location. Each piece became a blank canvas for the public to express themselves creatively and ultimately decide on the artwork’s final function.

Photos provided courtesy of the City of West Hollywood. Photo credit: Jon Viscott

“Since the beginning of the exhibition we have seen children play on the concrete forms at Plummer Park, a local artist create murals at Union Station, families taking selfies at Santa Monica Pier, students inventing characters and dance moves on the blocks at UCLA Lab School, among many other activations.”

Sense of Place was derived from Dávila’s previous Joint Effort series, which uses basic construction materials to expand on concepts of balance and equilibrium. Dávila’s interests in Architecture, Minimalism and Art History are further perpetuated within the work, but the piece takes on a larger conversation and social context when placed in the public’s artistic hands. When separated, the blocks are symbols of their Los Angeles neighborhood culture. Yet now that they are united together, they have become a totem of the vibrant city culture.

Angeles Art Fund Members with artist, Jose Dávila, before the piece’s separation.
Angeles Art Fund Members together for it's re-unification.

On May 24th, Angeles Art Fund had the pleasure of experiencing the unity firsthand and see our funding in action. At the end of the year, our donors meet to vote on grant applications and host a celebratory event announcing our grantees. This year, we proudly awarded the grants LAND and the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) non-profit programs. Both programs show a commitment to social justice and public engagement with contemporary art throughout Los Angeles and the world. The sculpture stands as a testament to community and unity throughout our diverse city. I look forward to seeing it grow and change in its permanent location.

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