amir fallah

Amir Fallah: A Stranger in Your Home


Enrapt, 2017

Los Angeles-based artist Amir Fallah, currently showing at Shulamit Nazarian gallery until October 28th, is among my most recently placed in an LA Collection.

On a surface level, Fallah’s work brings vivid interpretations of the subjects’ surroundings and personality. However, it does not take long to become submerged in the deeper story surrounding the artist’s explorations in concealed portraiture. He exposes the subject’s inner life, coupled with historically charged poses and gestures, in a lavish sensory experience. Refreshingly bright, and immersed in personality, the artist calls upon themes of displacement and identity without being overtly heavy. Fallah interprets the psychological machinations of an immigrant as they seek to assimilate into their new country using compositions that simultaneously flatten and expand the space. The stories and heirlooms outlive the owners, a fact further underscored by capturing them onto a canvas.

In a statement from the gallery, Fallah’s portraits “investigate feelings of being an outsider in the very place you call home.” His show is especially timely with PST LA and LACMA’s Home exhibition (which had its final day this past Sunday). Although tied specifically to Latin-American relations within the United States, both Fallah and the exhibit raise call into question the paradoxical experience of being an outsider within your own country or home.

Co-authored by Nicole Kutz